That rawness of emotion Kira displayed [in ‘Battlelines’] made many people uncomfortable. It was uncomfortable for me to watch. Yet, there’s something I delight in about displaying those emotions. Taking my clothes off for a scene, to me, isn’t challenging. What is challenging, and what I don’t mind using to make people feel uncomfortable, is displaying raw emotion.
Nana Visitor in “Major Player”, 1994 issue of Starlog. (via trekkiefeminist)
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[In ‘The Price’] It didn’t make any sense to me that Troi would fall for this guy so heavily that she wouldn’t be able to see what a sleaze he was…It made Troi look uninsightful, which is not the case. She’s too aware, in general, to have been taken in by this guy.
Marina Sirtis in Starlog, November 1993 (via trekkiefeminist)
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The rank of Captain is generally held by the commanding officer of a starship. Captains may also serve as starbase commanders, the heads of experimental engineering teams, and head divisions of support personnel.

All known (canon) women captains in Starfleet.

Thanks to many contributors at Memory Alpha for the information, and TrekCore for the screencaps.

Thanks for putting this together - it’s a great resource! 

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sometimes i wonder how these pop culture stereotypes of jim kirk got started. (womanizer, bad to his crew, etc…) because they’re so way off base it makes no sense. anyone who has actually watched tos would know that so how did it start. 

I can’t remember who talked about it, if it was William Shatner or one of the original writers but they explained why Captain Kirk was seen kissing women every other episode. It was so that the network jerks would be too focused on the kissing and skin exposure part rather than the nazi costumes or stuff that was meant to address social issues.

Regardless of the context, Roddenberry made sure the network saw Kirk smooching often so that they wouldn’t be too focused on controversial stuff as much.

I think those traps set to keep jerks from trying to wrap even more yellow tape around the show ended up fooling others as well. A lot of people don’t see Kirk using his attractiveness to swoon his way out of trouble to rescue his crew or the few times he genuinely did fall in love and made out with a woman.

People saw Kirk making out with more than two women so automatically that got exaggerated and made to be some big “OMG he’s a womanizer!” bullshit.

Think about it, JJ Abrams and his “writers” even fell for it. They didn’t see Kirk’s motives, they only saw his lips touch more than one other woman’s so they thought “oh he loves the ladies I get it!”

The creators of a 2013 film fell for traps that were originally set to keep 60s network assholes from taking away the show’s ability to address social issues and efforts to have representation. I think that says a lot.


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