Anonymous said: If you aren't as much active as you were before on this blog because you have something bad going on in your life, I hope things gets better as soon as possible! And if you're not posting just because you're busy or something else caught your interest, then take care of yourself or follow your bliss, whatever applies!

Thank you so much Anon.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) it’s the latter. I’d hoped to be more active during my month long University break, but I was working on my first Star Trek fanfiction for the Trek Big Bang, which I finally posted yesterday. And next week I’m back for my second semester of Uni!

The unfortunate truth is that I’ve had to prioritise University over this blog. And chose to prioritise fiction writing over my break, over this blog.

I considered closing it down, but I’m pretty proud of everything I wrote, and all the wonderful conversations we had, and want to preserve them for everyone to read again/discover for the first time.

And besides, there’s always the possibility that I’ll return at some point. I just can’t say when exactly.

I suppose it’s only fair though, for me to announce an indefinite hiatus - it’s not fair of me to keep coming back every month or so, and say that this time I’m really back, when the truth is I’ve just got too many other things at the moment to give this blog the time it deserves.

So thank you all for your interest over the past year, and your concern. You can always reach me at my personal blog (though even that’s going to be less active, once I start back at Uni next week) if you want to talk Trek.

(Oh, and for any of you who are interested, prioritising University paid off, I got three High Distinctions and a Distinction in my first semester!)


"If there’s nothing wrong with me, maybe there’s something wrong with the universe" ~ Dr. Beverly Crusher

For the third installment of my Ladies of Star Trek Playlist Series, I present a musical tribute to Our Lady of the Flawless Cheekbones, Dr. Beverly Crusher. Listen Here

Laura Viers - Galaxies // Elbow - Teardrop // The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Open heart surgery // The Bird & The Bee - Polite Dance Song // Nick Drake - Cello Song // The Knife - We share our mothers’ health // Blue Boy - Remember Me // Grizzly Bear & Feist - Service Bell // The Velvet Underground - Pale Blue Eyes // Radiohead - Where I end and you begin // Mazzy Star - Fade Into you // Fiona Apple - The Way Things Are // Groove Armada - Remember

Ladies of Star Trek Paylist Series, part 3

The third of notjanebond’s Trek ladies fanmixes departs from angry Bajorans to feature the equally tough as nails (just in a different way) Doctor Beverly Crusher.

This mix really does capture the complexity of Beverly’s character, so I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

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Submission from Stephanie



I saw this ridiculous post and I figured you might be interested

I am very interested! Not in the least because this very blog was apparently credited for some of the images (which I in turn got from, so I’m not exactly the right person to credit, but they didn’t ask me where I’d gotten them from!).

I’m really quite baffled as to the purpose of this article? ‘Bizarre facts’ - what does that mean exactly? What stance are the authors taking on the topic, are they saying basing an entire character around her cleavage was sexist or ridiculous? I honestly don’t think they have any stance at all, other than sharing these ‘tidbits’ of information. They neither celebrate nor condemn the decisions made by the producers, thus I don’t really understand the purpose at all.

Then again, they did include over a dozen pictures of Troi, including no less than nine in a row, so perhaps I’m overthinking things here and it’s simply a ‘yay boobs!’ “article” - in which case I’m rather offended that they even credited me for the images, because that is the exact opposite of what this blog is for.

Any thoughts?

It does really seem like a “yay boobs!” article. Wait,I don’t even think it should be called an article,it’s just some flimsy excuse to post pictures of Deanna’s cleavage accompanied by general knowledge for TNG fans. The piece even ends with the writer asking readers this:
What did you learn about Deanna Troi’s cleavage

Well thanks to you I learned that boobs are more important than a someone’s occupation,personality and characterization,you frikkin twats

Yeah, I don’t really think it deserves to be called an article either (hence me referring to it as an “article”). Having just completed a semester of editing I couldn’t help but cringe at how poorly written it was too.

The comments section really does confirm that it’s just a flimsy excuse to share some pictures of Deanna’s cleavage.

But I think the most ironic part is that they must have used the pictures I shared in my article talking about Deanna’s costumes - which resoundly condemns the unitards she was forced to wear for six seasons!

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"That’s the one reason why I ran away. They are lost, defeated. I will never be."

I have completed the Ensign Ro mix that I was putting together in my head, though I decided against calling it “The life and times of Ensign Sasspants”. It follows her (all too short) character arc with “I’ll Stick Around” representing her reluctant arrival on the Enterprise and “Line of Fire” representing her joining the Maquis at the end of “Preemptive Strike”. Listen here

Track List

Foo Fighters - I’ll Stick Around // The Kills - Cat Claw // MS MR - Hurricane // Crazy Girl - The Rebel // Spoon - The Underdog // The Julie Ruin - Oh Come On // Liz Phair - 6’1 // Tegan and Sara - Walking with a ghost // Cults - Oh My God // Cat Power - Metal Heart // The Dandy Warhols - Burned // Junip - Line of Fire

Ladies of Star Trek Playlist Series, Part 2

The second of notjanebond’s delightful Trek women fanmixes features yet another kickass Bajoran, and while this mix and yesterday’s Kira mix both give me that ‘angry Bajoran woman kicking ass and taking names’ vibe, this one manages to capture Ro’s unique character as much as Kira’s captured hers. 


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I’m wondering if I should request that ‘’ remove the credit to this blog in their article?

I mean, first of all, I sourced the images from, whom they’ve already credited.

But secondly, I don’t know how I feel about my blog being attached, even as a credit for images, to an “article” dedicated to Counsellor Troi’s breasts.